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Building Workspace

A worplace built with much thought can promote collaboration, creativity and concentration. Designing the layout of your office plays a crucial role. It is important to take into consideration how to best utilise the space that you have that will suit individual roles. Office design and layout will have effect in promoting workplace wellbeing. We recommend that you ask your employees what they want within office design and take these into consideration, when initially designing your workspace. This will ultimately encourage positivity in working behaviours since your employees will feel valued as well as have their desired workspace. Providing your employees with relaxing break areas, such as kitchens, common rooms or perhaps a comfortable coffee room or a game room is likely to promote wellbeing. However, an open plan office or the one with more privacy & less distraction, colour scheme, manager seating area etc are very subjective to the nature of business and what the role demands. For example, an open concept may improve the social interactions amongst employees but can at times be distracting. Cool colours, such as blues and greens, if adopted within the colour scheme will help your employees remain calm and relaxed throughout the day, while also stimulating productivity. Hence, choosing the right design for your office is imperative for your business growth.